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Black and White Kantha Stitch Embroidered Textile

$170.00 USD

Brand SwaShi's

100% Silk - Hand Kantha Stitch

Art form from rural West Bengal passed generation to generation from mother to daughter.

Whether used as a fabric, or a personal shawl or scarf, the item has been finished with a net lining so that the embroidery threads do not get caught on things. This form of finishing is highly desirable for this item! :)


SwaShi's meets the needs of contemporary, professional and trend-setting men and women looking to make a statement and create a conversation. Our product lines are show pieces that help individuals stand out from the crowd. Created out of hand woven, 100% pure silk, these products embody the magic of heritage hand embroideries, paintings and weaves. 

Along with providing high quality, exclusive products, SwaShi's brings the work of artisans and weavers from remote towns across India to the Global Marketplace. By doing so, SwaShi's provides an outlet for their work in the western world, as well as a regular source of income for the artisans and their families. Appreciation and exposure of their art really contributes in making a positive impact on these families' lives. It is our goal to encourage their work and we strive towards helping these artisans to the highest possible degree.