Aqua + Orange Tote

$49.99 USD

"Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication."

This simple yet colorful handmade tote is a fun way to carry your essentials with you around town or on your next world adventure, and is guaranteed to capture attention and be a fun conversation starter. The plush tote is made of soft and durable cotton fabrics. The outside is a simple aquamarine cotton, and the inner lining and straps are an orange cotton/canvas material. Each tote is padded, with detailed vertical stitching, and has a pocket on the inside of the bag, perfect for phones, sunnies, and other essentials. This tote has a magnetic closure at the top, with studded detail on the straps. The bag is stitched with superb durability and will last the test of time with proper love and care.

Your purchase directly supports a mother in India (conversation starter!) and helps uplift and empower women while allowing them the opportunity to express their creative side, build confidence, and set an example to their children of what is possible in spite of circumstances. Thank you!

Measurements: 17"W x 16"H x 6.5"D

Although our non-vintage bags will endure machine washing, we recommend spot cleaning or hand washing to maintain quality and durability.

Made With a Purpose

For over 8 years, 6 women were working out of a sewing center converted from a classroom inside a school in northern India. They earned a living by sewing uniforms for the children and some freelance work to help make ends meet. When I met them 5 years ago, I fell in love with their warm and loving personalities and partnered with them to sew our products. Today, we have moved into a new sewing facility, and the women are producing high-quality, hand stitched products that will make you smile. The products are bright and colorful, stitched with love, and help empower and uplift a mother. 

Our vision is to create an environment where women feel financially safe and secure so they are able to build a better, brighter future for themselves, their children, their families and the community. We empower women by increasing self-worth and independence, and ultimately encourage secondary education for children, reduce child marriage rates, and empower families to get out of the cycle of poverty.

Thank you for supporting Made with a Purpose!