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$40.00 USD

Your scarf purchase contributes directly to the wages of each woman—100% of scarf proceeds are reinvested into the women and girls in Heshima Kenya’s safe house in Nairobi, where the money is divided evenly and distributed as a monthly stipend. Most importantly, your purchase inspires each woman’s journey to become Ambassadors who support, empower, and ultimately protect other refugee women. Truly, every scarf tells a story.

Heshima Kenya is a unique nonprofit organization that through a holistic approach provides shelter, education, vocational training, case management support, and advocacy to participants and their children who have experienced the detrimental effects of war, the loss of their families, and, in many cases, kidnapping, rape, trafficking, unlawful detainment, and torture. Here, they have the opportunity to participate in our trade program, The Maisha Collective. Refugee women and girls in the Maisha Collective design and create each of the scarves you see here. The women and girls in the safe house are creating these hand-dyed scarves as a means to financially support themselves so when they leave the security of our safe house, they are not just safe, they are educated and self-sufficient.
Maisha Collective scarves are hand-dyed using a traditional African dyeing technique called resist dyeing. Because every scarf is hand-made and one-of-a-kind, the pattern or color may vary slightly from the photo. Each scarf comes with a tag depicting the woman that created your scarf, and where she is originally from in Africa.

Large Size :: 32" X 88" plus tassels
Infinity Size :: 15" x 45" (Doubles to 90" for Infinity)
Contents :: Rayon and Cotton blend
Best Care :: Hand wash and dry flat. Refresh the scarf by ironing or steaming.
Please Note :: Hand made scarves can vary in size by 2"

To learn how you can help these young women, visit our Web site at

Maisha Collective

The Maisha Collective is an established social enterprise that fosters leadership and business management skills through the design and production of unique hand-dyed fabrics and textiles. Here, participants gain life-long entrepreneurial business and marketing skills that develop their confidence and prepare them for future independence.  The Maisha Collective, has grown into an artisan collective of over 100 young refugee women.