Amora Necklace

$22.00 USD

The classic Amora necklace makes a simple statement with its handmade paper beads, whether worn alone or layered with complementing pieces.

Handmade by Amelia, Fautina & Xenovia

Hands Producing Hope

We are an ethical brand with a heart to see artisans around the world empowered to rise above poverty and live healthy and full lives. We desire to provide unique and high quality products that are not only fun to wear but that bring hope and change to the lives of those who made the product. Not only are the lives of our artisans important to us but we care about YOU and desire to help educate and empower our customers to begin making ethical purchases and to activate others to do the same.

We currently work in Nkombo Island, Rwanda and Coppey Abajo, Costa Rica.