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Amba Cat Collar

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The Amba Cat Collar features a retro paisley pattern, in red, orange and dark brown. This collar would look great on a creative cat! one who likes to put their muddy paws on your worksheets, and play with the letters on your laptop!

All our cat collars are one size 30cm and can be adjusted to any size, there is a small elastic next to the buckle as a safety release for your kitty.


* Eco-friendly- We use recycled bicycle inner tubes and vintage sari fabric; therefore on a small scale we are doing our bit for the environment. The bicycle inner tubes are waterproof, durable and vegan making them an ideal alternative to leather which can start to curl and harden after a short amount of time.

*Fair-Trade- All our products are made by a charity called Calcutta Rescue in Kolkata, India. It’s a small fair-Trade workshop with 10 employees. Koko Collective works very closely with our team to make sure the quality of our products are made to the highest standard. By buying our products you are helping provide a fair wage to our workshop so they can send their children to school and provide for their families.

*Scarves- All the scarves have been hand embroidered by ladies from the village that come into the workshop each week to take the scarves home. They can work from home meaning they can still look after their children, giving them empowerment and a fair living wage. Threads are picked to either match or contrast the vintage sari fabric chosen. Every scarf is unique and different!

*Any irregularities to the bicycle tube tell the story of its previous journey. These sometimes include small embossed stamps or coloured logos; these do not effect or weaken the product and are only visible on the inside. It’s these little details that keep our products unique.

* All our fabrics are limited edition; when one sari runs out it’s extremely rare to find a replica. Your furry friend is guaranteed to be unique and individual, just like their personality.

* All our hardware and materials are top quality and have been extensively tested to make sure they withstand wear and tear. The Dog Lead clips are very strong, the way they open puts less pressure on the clip making them last longer than the standard trigger clip.

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Measurments from the buckle to the 1st and last hole
XS – 21cm-26.5cm

Koko Collective

Koko collective is an ethical accessories brand for people and pets. We sell unique handmade dog collars, dog leashes, cat collars and scarves crafted out of recycled bicycle inner tubes and vintage saris.