All Apart - Upcycled Denim Jacket

$124.99 USD $104.99 USD

Brand AndAgain

The original of this item that is photographed has sold! Don't worry - we can make almost the exact same thing for you. Go through the normal steps of purchasing the item and we will contact you shortly after verifying your order and design.

Originally vintage denim jacket, this piece has been up-cycled, redesigned and relived!

Not only is this jacket a one of a kind and something exciting and new, it is saving the environment by not using any raw materials. Instead, this jacket is simply hand altered/distressed and given a new life.



AndAgain is a fashion company dedicated to denim. We give new lives to garments that would ultimately go to waste. Up-cycled denim, your way, any way.

At AndAgain we are dedicated to sustainability. All the denim, distressed and designed, is done in the most sustainable way possible; by hand. We are constantly using old, worn and abandoned denim that most people well would never have a second life. We are dedicated to dressing our customers in the most stylish denim, but in a way that won’t hurt our planet.