2" X 4.5" Pillar

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Brand Terralite

Terralite just became the first candle company to have a candle made with Fair Trade Certified ingredients! RICE BRAN WAX Rice Bran wax is a byproduct of cold filtered rice bran oil. It is a winterized natural wax and not hydrogenated. Our rice bran wax is 100% pure and GMO-FREE. FAIR TRADE CERTIFIED ORGANIC VIRGIN COCONUT OIL Our virgin coconut oil is certified Fair Trade by Fair Trade USA and sourced from organic certified farmers in the Philippines. We blend our own coconut oil with rice bran wax to soften the wax and increase burn time. This unique blend creates a candle that smells like warm coconut oil when burning. Our wax is 100% natural, food safe, naturally biodegradable and sourced from renewable oils. HEMP WICK A chemical-free hemp core wick, braided with unbleached cotton. *The wax used in our Rice Bran Collection is a patent pending wax blend.


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Does coconut wax smell like coconuts?

Although our coconut wax is made from coconut oil, the smell of coconuts has been removed through a natural process. This allows us to create scented candles by blending unscented coconut wax with pure essential oils and plant extracts.

What is this weird frosting inside my glass?

Shifts in the ambient temperature can sometimes cause wax to contract away from the inside of the glass causing a “frosted” look. This is a characteristic of all natural candles and does not affect scent throw or burn time in any way. Once the candle is lit however, this affect becomes less obvious. We have refined our pour temperatures so as to keep frosting to a minimum, but some frosting is to be expected with all natural candles.

How do I reuse or recycle my candle holders?


You can reuse our candle containers for many years by simply wiping them clean or using a little soap and water like any other dish.


If your glass holder accidentally breaks, the best thing to do is place it into your recycling bin so that the glass can be remelted and turned into something new again!

THANKS for helping us reduce our use!

How do I clean my containers?


If there is very little wax at the bottom of your containers, a little soap and warm water will clean it like any other dish.


If you want to clean in batches or reuse leftover wax… here’s how we do it:

NOTE: Coconut wax melts at 110˚F.

WARNING: Wax has a flash point so you want to make sure that you never heat the wax above 400˚F or it will catch on fire.


We use an oven to melt leftover wax in containers.
Set your oven temperature to “Warm”.
Line a cookie sheet with wax paper and place a small wire rack inside of the cookie sheet.
Set containers upside down on the wire rack and place in the oven for 20 min or so.
The leftover wax should melt down onto the wax paper.
Once wax is done draining, set cookie sheet and containers out to cool.
Once cooled, use a little soap and water to clean them right up, just like washing your dishes.
A quick wipe with a paper towel does a good job of eliminating moisture if you want to refill them right away.

NOTE: If the wax you are melting is one scent, you can reuse the cooled wax to make a new candle- just be sure to remove any old wicks and wick tabs before the wax hardens and place them into your recycle bin. Since our batches combine many different scents, we simply discard leftover wax it into the trash bin. Coconut wax is all natural, non-toxic, and non-hazardous and will biodegrade back into the earth without causing any harm.

Candle Safety

Burn within sight
Keep away from things that can catch fire
Keep away from children
For maximum burn time, burn candles no more than 4 hours at a time.
Keep wax free of debris
Avoid drafty areas
Trim wick as needed

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Botanical coconut oil candles & organic beauty products handcrafted in San Diego. Guided by Nature. Sustainably Sourced.

TERRALITE creates natural coconut products including an artisan line of handcrafted botanical candles.