Jewel and Lotus is a Global Community and Ethical Marketplace for a Better World!

Our Ethical Marketplace is a shared space for Artisans, Businesses and Non-Profits to sell products that encourage the betterment of people’s lives, spreads generosity through business and our Ethical Vendors progressively work to lessen the detriment that consumerism has on the planet.

Ethical Standards:

All vendors who sell on the Jewel and Lotus Ethical Marketplace are first pre-screened to confirm they meet our baseline Ethical Standards:
  • Sweatshop Free || Fair Wage
  • Cruelty Free || Do No Harm
Vendors who meet our baseline standards will then be considered based on the intentions of their business:
  • Do they have the intention of uplifting people?
  • Do they have the intention of helping the environment?
  • Do they have the intention of continually improving for the sake of people and planet?


Our Ethical Marketplace is also semi-curated to prevent the over-saturation of similar products. Ethical Vendors should consider one-another as friends and support. We don't encourage the mentality of competition for the sake of profit but we should view one another as creators and collaborators for a better world!

Order Fulfillment:

Jewel and Lotus acts as an Ethical Forum, which brings together Ethical buyers and Ethical sellers. When an order is placed on Jewel and Lotus, it is the responsibility of the Ethical Vendor to fulfill the order and handle all communications as needed. Ethical Vendors should clearly convey their shipping policies, return policies and any other important information that an Ethical buyer may need at the time of purchase.

Fees + Membership

Ethical Vendors pay a 2.5% transaction fee to Jewel and Lotus for all sales. This transaction fee helps Jewel and Lotus to maintain daily maintenance and operations of our services. Starting in 2016 we will implement a Membership fee for our Ethical Vendors and Global Community Members. Learn more detailed information about becoming a vendor here.

Generosity Initiative:

As part of the Jewel and Lotus Generosity Initiative, all our Ethical Vendors make a minimum 2.5% donation on sales to our rotating Spotlight Organization. This occurs automatically at the moment a transaction occurs.

Change log:

  • September 3, 2015: Added Order Fulfillment Section || Updated Content Wording
  • September 5, 2015: Added Fees + Membership Content